Classic trench coat – Must have this sezon

Classic trench coat – Must have this sezon

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Classic trench coat is timeless

No matter the dress code, a classic trench will always be in fashion thanks to the timeless design. You can get them in different length; classic, midi and maxi, and in so many different colours, like; pink, black, cream, white, brown, blue, green, just mentioned few.
I always buy them in colours like beige, sand or black so that I can wear them for many years without getting tired of them. I like them mostly in a double-breasted design. They are perfect for in-between seasons. I cannot imagine not owning one of them.

Trendy trench coat in sand

This time I pick the trench coat from Zara because I love the design, it has a perfect colour and length and can be washed in a washing machine. The last part is of particular importance to me, as I chose the light colour which will need to be washed more frequently, and it can cost a fortune to use a dry cleaner every time. Regarding the quality, it is value for money. Iā€™d rather get a new one every third season than spending a fortune on one from Burberry šŸ˜‰

Below you can see the trench coat from all sides, or you can see more details here.

Best trench coat

Back of the trench coat

Trench coat is ideal for any occasion